10 Mistakes to Avoid When Self-Publishing a Book 

with Joan Holman



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I am very excited to announce my new partnership with IngramSpark, which is a new division of Ingram (one of the largest book wholesalers in the world. They also own Lightning Source, one of the biggest print on demand companies in the world).

IngramSpark is dedicated to working with indie publishers and self-published authors, and they are sponsoring FREE WEBINARS featuring me in 2016. The first one was held in March and titled "10 BIG MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN SELF PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK."


Today it's easy to self-publish and distribute a book. However, it is not so easy to create a book that is successful.


Join book coach and author Joan Holman, also known as The Book Marketing Diva, in a one-hour webinar to learn about the mistakes many self-published authors make and how to self-publish the right way to increase your likelihood of success. She will discuss:

How to approach self-publishing with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Why the number of books sold is not the only measure of success.

How self-publishing can enhance your career or business success.

How to set realistic goals for your book.

Why you need a marketing strategy for your book.

How book pricing can impact the sales of your book.


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Joan Holman Is the Featured Speaker at the Midwest Fiction Writers Meeting on April 12.

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The Self Publishing Revolution Has Only Just Begun

DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION TO A GLOBAL MARKET–Digital distribution enables authors and publishers to efficiently reach a global market. This gives an opportunity to independent authors and small publishers to compete with the larger publishers. In the past, publishers have controlled the access to retail distribution. 

THE FREE EBOOK PRINTING PRESS–Today the e-book "printing press" is free and available to anyone. Authors and aspiring authors have been empowered by the Internet and technology and can now publish directly to readers and bypass the gatekeepers. 

PUBLISHING AND TECHNOLOGY–Microsoft going into business with Barnes & Noble signals Barnes & Noble's departure from the book industry and its entrance into the technology industry. Some are saying that the book publishing industry is on its deathbed and that the new publishing industry will be controlled by technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.

Self-Publishing Boom

October 25, 2012 | Jeremy Greenfield


The growth in self-publishing is for real.

According to a new report from Bowker, about 235,000 works were self-published last year, about 37% of them e-books. While print books still make up the bulk of self-published work, e-book self-publishing is growing much faster. E-book self-publishing is up 129% since 2006 versus 33% for print over that same period.

The report also talked about the three biggest players in the space on the e-book side: Author Solutions (47,094 titles published, now owned by Penguin), Smashwords (40,608) and Lulu (38,005). No mention of Blurb, which claims that in the past 18 months 575,000 authors have used it to publish a print- or e-book.

No doubt, the 2012 numbers, when they arrive next year, will be staggeringly higher. More self-published books are making best-seller lists, likely spurring on aspiring authors to try their hand at it; and publishing an e-book has become de rigueur for consultants and companies that want to market themselves.

In January, at Digital Book World 2012, it was estimated that self-publishing took about $100 million away from traditional publishers in 2011. What will that number be in 2012?


Bookselling Is Moving Online

"It's a paradigm shift and a revolution." (J.A. Konrath, considered to be the Guru of the Self-Publishing Movement and the first self-publisher to be a part of the Kindle Million Club, selling 1 million copies of his books on the Kindle–USA Today article)

Self-publishing has exploded and is one of the most important factors to shape digital publishing in the near future. The average price of a self-published Kindle e-book in the TOP 100 in 2011 was $1.40. 

E-Books & Self-Publishing Are Upending the Book Industry

In 2011, the publishing world was turned on its head and there was a shift from print books to ebooks fueled by the proliferation of e-reading devices and tablet computers and free self-publishing tools offered by Amazon and such services as Smashwords.

Self-Published Authors Find e-Success

USA Today (December 13, 2011)

"E-books are changing the way authors and readers connect." Fifteen self-published authors e-books have made the top 150 USA TODAY'S Best-Selling Books list in 2011, "threatening to change the face of publishing."

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